In preperation for Stickmas...

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So many things have to be taken care of for the coming festive season. You have to shop for gifts, unpack your christmas ornaments, get a nice christmas tree. And of course send season's greetings to all your friends, family and loved ones.

At least with the latter we can be of some help: Our new greetings cards now deliver long-lasting memories for all the kind wishes, you want to send. How? Well, with a new collection of holiday themed up stick-Sticker* of course.

Our folded cards incorporate a sticker in their design. Easy to detach and even easier to place on any kind of accessory. Each of the four new motifes - gingerman, candy cane, hohoho and snow flake - are woven with lurex threads to make them sparkle and glisten.

You can order the new christmas cards with a new sticker and an evelope from the midst of november onward.

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