Happy Birthday Boutique Belgique

The Boutique-Belgique in the belgian neighbourhood of Cologne is the hot spot for all fashion lovers and trendsetters since 2010. In celebration of its 6th anniversary we designed together with blogger icon and store owner Lena Terlutter a small but mighty collection of limited up stick-Sticker*.

The stylish BB logo hearts, Lenas cute bulldog Paloma and the slogan 'BB loves you', all in sticker format, are available at the Boutique-Belgique and of course at our online store from the 5th of november onwards.

The cooperation with Lena did not happen by chance. After she discovered our fashion stickers on Instagram, she became one of our best customers, selling the ABC and Motif collection sucessfully in the Boutique-Belgique. Eventually she hit on an idea for a cooperation. And after all, why not? We constantly create new designs for our collection. Working together with Lena on her own exclusive motifs was just as natural to us.

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